Science Fair

The scientific method of learning is at the heart of any science fair project. Grade four students participated in the inquiry-based learning, researched topics formulated hypotheses, did experiments and came up with conclusions. Participants presented their work in front of teachers, judges and parents. Winners were announced at the end of the science fair. 
It was an amazing experience for fourth graders that allowed them to improve their social skills and to be involved more in science.

And the results were as follows:

First Place 

Project Title: The Effect of Oil Spill on Aquatic Plants (Grade 4B) 
Aya Itani
Tala al Saifi
Haya Al Taky
Farah Attar

Second Place

Project Title: Color and Light Absorption (Grade 4A) 
Aya Nsouli
Raghad Itani
Marya Fayoumi

Third Place

Project Title: Moving skateboard with Pepsi and Mentos (Grade 4A)
Assem Kawass
Ibrahim Tatari
Ahmad Yassine
Mohammad Bibi

Third Place
Project Title: Airplane using Design for Greatest Lift – (Grade 4B)
Mahmaoud Al Abiad
Abdel Karim Brabarji

Third Place
Project Title: DIY Lava Lamp (Grade 4C)
Mohammad Ghizawi
Hamza Kibreet
Mohammad Itani
Adam Al Masri

Congratulations to all the participants!